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Hub City Blueprint Public Projects
Upgrades for Code Compliance at Ripley High School for Lauderdale Cy Schools-TN
Bid Date: 05/20/2021

Crockett Cy School District-Crockett Cy High School-Gym Addition and Bathroom Renovation-Alamo TN
Bid Date: 05/20/2021

Summertown High School Additions and Renovations, Summertown TN
Lashlee-Rich Inc-PE
Bid Date: 06/16/2021

Millsaps Career Center-Partial Reroofing-Starkville High School-Mississippi
Bid Date: 07/15/2021

Boiler Replacement for Ripley High School-Ripley TN
Bid Date: 07/07/2021

Roof Replacement-Stigall Primary School-Humboldt City School-Humboldt TNi
Bid Date: 07/08/2021

Humboldt Jr-Sr High School-Renovations and School District Office-Humboldt TN
Bid Date: 07/12/2021

Huntingdon High School Roof Replacement-Huntingdon TN
Bid Date: 07/13/2021

Waynesboro Middle School Gym
Bid Date: 08/11/2021

Collinwood High School
Bid Date: 08/16/2021

Frank Hughes Jr High School
Bid Date: 08/09/2021

Waynesboro High School
Bid Date: 08/13/2021

Current Private Projects

Millsaps Career Center-Partial Reroofing-Starkville High School-Mississippi

ProductSheetDescriptionViewSizeIssue TypePrice 
00A-SPDIND Specifications and Drawings Index 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00B-ADFBD Advertisement for Bid 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00C-INSTBD Instructions to Bidders 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00D-GENCOND General Conditions 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00E-BDFM Bid Form 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00G-GENCOND General Conditions 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00H-SUMWK Summary of Work 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00I-PCONCON Pre-Construction Conference 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00J-PROMT Progress Meeting 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00K-SUB Submittals 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00L-PROSCH Progress Schedules 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00M-SCHVAL Schedule of Values 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00N-CONFAC Construction Facilities and Temporary Controls 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00N-SUB Substitution Request Form 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00O-DSH Delivery Storage and Handling 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00P-PROOP Product Options and Substitutions 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00Q-CONCO Contract Closeout 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00R-CLN Cleaning 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00S-OPMD Operation and Maintenance Data 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00T-ASABRF Asbestos Abatement of Roofing 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00U-ASUR Asbestos Containing Material Survey 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
00V-TPO TPO Fully Adhered Roofing System 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
Comprehensive Set
01-T1 Title Sheet 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
02-T2 Abbreviations and Symbols 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
03-A7-1 Details 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
04-A7-2 Details 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
05-A9-1 Overall Roof Plan 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
06-A9-2 Existing Roof Plan 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
07-A9-3 Roof Plan 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
Add1 Addendum 1 8.5x11min Addendum $.22
Add2-01 Addendum 2-01 8.5x11x10 Addendum $2.20
Add2-02 Addendum 2-02 8.5x11x10 Addendum $2.20
Add2-03 Addendum 2-AA1 30x42 Addendum $4.51
Add2-04 Addendum2-AA2 8.5x11x10 Addendum $2.20


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