CURRENT PROJECTS Manchester City Schools-Addition and Renovation to Westwood Middle School-Manchester TN
Bid Date: 09/28/2021
City of Jackson-Morgan ST Improvements-Jackson TN
Bid Date: 09/28/2021
Additions and Renovations To Loretto High School
Bid Date: 10/19/2021
Selmer-McNairy Cy Industrial Development BD Monogram Connector Road
Bid Date: 11/08/2021
Starkville Oktibbeha Window Replacement-Starkville High School-MS
Bid Date: 12/14/2021
Starkville Oktibbeha High School-HVAC Replacement-Starkville MS
Bid Date: 12/17/2021
HVAC and Related Renovations at Unity School-Lincoln Cy-TN
Bid Date: 12/21/2021
Exterior Renovations of the Gibson County Utility District Office-Trenton, TN
Bid Date: 01/13/2022
Southwest Elementary School-Roof Replacement for Fayette Cy Public Schools-TN
Bid Date: 01/12/2022
South Lincoln Elementary School-Additions and Renovations-Lafayette TN
Bid Date: 02/02/2022
Interior Painting-Starkville High School-Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District-Starkville MS
Bid Date: 02/08/2022
HVAC Replacement-Armstrong Middle School-Starkville Oktibbeha School District-Starkville MS
Bid Date: 02/08/2022
Huntingdon Special School District-Pressbox-Huntingdon TN
Bid Date: 01/27/2022
Alamo City School Renovations-Cafeteria Addition-Alamo TN
Bid Date: 02/15/2022
Springhill Elementary Classroom Addition FEMA Com Storm Shelter-Trenton TN
Bid Date: 02/24/2022
McKenzie Special School District-Middle School-Locker Room Renovations-McKenzie TN
Bid Date: 02/03/2022
Current Private Projects

Starkville Oktibbeha High School-HVAC Replacement-Starkville MS

ProductSheetDescriptionViewSizeIssue TypePrice 
01-SPCS Secifications Cover Sheet 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
02-TOC Table of Contents 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
03-DWGLST Drawings List 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
04-ADFBD Advertisement for Bid 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
05-SUPINS Supplemental Instructions to Bid 8.5x11x10 Specifications $2.20
Comprehensive Set
06-COVTS Cover Sheet 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
07-ABB Abbreviations and Symbols 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
Add 2 Addendum no 2 Combined 8.5x11min Bid Set $0.22
E1-1R-120121 Electrical floor plan 24x36 Bid Set $3.00
Add1 Addendum 1 8.5x11x10 Addendum $2.20
Add2 Addendum 2 8.5x11x10 Addendum $2.20
Add3 Addendum 3 8.5x11x10 Addendum $2.20